Vinalopo Dessert Bagged Grape

Only seven populations of the so-called “Valley of the Grapes” are the ones that produce the only bagged grape in the world with denomination of origin. Aspe is one of them.

The Vinalopó dessert bagged Grape is a unique fruit in the world due to its particular ripening process.
Unlike other table grapes, the Vinalopó grape grows protected under a paper bag that cares for and pampers all the grains of the bunch until it reaches the consumer’s hands.
Bagging is a craft technique by which before each meal each of the clusters are covered with paper bags. This protects the grapes until harvesting from hazards such as plant protection products, inclement weather or bird and insect attacks.
It is estimated that about 250 million bags are placed each year between June and July for an average production of 180,000 to 190,000 tons of table grapes.

This bagging system also ensures that the grapes acquire specific qualities such as:

-The slow ripening of the grape.
-Uniform grain perfection and color.
-A greater degree of consumer protection.
-A characteristic exquisite taste.
Thanks to this peculiar system of cultivation, the table grape of the Vinalopó has exceptional physical and gastronomic characteristics, that have been worth to him to be the unique grape bagged with Denomination of Origin.

The designation of origin implies a commitment to quality.

The quality is the maximum characteristic of this fruit and is present in all the productive processes through an exhaustive follow up that also goes to the packing operations.
And is that the only distinctive that guarantees that the product you are acquiring is Vinalopó Bagged Grape with Denomination of Origin is the numbered label or separator that each box carries.
This guarantee seal summarizes a process of quality control of clusters that must meet certain requirements of uniformity, color, size and flavor, according to the regulations of the Denomination of Origin.

Uvas del Valle de Aspe markets and exports Vinalopó dessert bagged grape.

UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE S.L is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the cultivation, commercialization and export of table grape of the Vinalopó, as well as other types of fruit of the region.
Our company is located in the municipality of La Romana, in the heart of the Vinalopó Valley. Blessed with a mild microclimate throughout the year that benefits a generous land, at UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE we are proud to be part of this region producing Vinalopó Bagged Table Grapes, which sells millions of kilos of this product every year In the main national and international markets.