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UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE S.L is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the cultivation, commercialization and export of table grape of the Vinalopo, as well as other types of fruit of the region.

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In this section you will find the different varieties of table grapes that we produce and commercialize in UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE.

UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE is a recognized Vinalopo table grape company

With more than 40 years of experience, UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE is a producer and exporter of Vinalopo table grapes of the varieties Aledo, Red Globe, Doña Maria, Napoleon and Italia.

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Welcome to the website of UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE.

We are producers, marketers and exporters of Vinalopo table grapes, a variety recognized and cataloged as a product with Denomination of Origin by the Regulatory Council of Protected Designation of Origin (CRDOP) Vinalopo bagged table grape.

The Bagged Table Grape of Vinalop is a unique fruit in the world due to its particular ripening process. It is a typology of cultivated grapes whose main characteristic is that it grows following the traditional technique of bagging, unique in the world.

Cultivation and commercialization worldwide.

UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE has been cultivating Vinalopo bagged table grape for 40 years, and has been marketed both in Spain and in other countries such as Germany, Italy, France, England or Canada.

We mainly work with the Aledo variety, although we also cultivate and market the Red Globe, Doña Maria, Napoleon and Italia varieties.

We put our different grape varieties available to distributors, wholesalers, exporting or importing companies, supermarket chains or big stores.

What makes Vinalopo bagged grape so special?

The region where it is grown.

The area of ​​production of the grape covered by the Denomination of Origin, is located in the municipality of Aspe, in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community.

UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE is located in the municipality of Aspe.

The weather.

The valley of Aspe and the river Vinalopo has unique climatic and environmental conditions that facilitate the cultivation of grapes. The fair humidity due to the proximity of the sea, the land, the sun, and the protection of the mountains make this area an ideal place for this grape variety to grow with unparalleled physical and flavour characteristics.

This special microclimate allows in each cluster, once pocketed, the normal process of maturation is delayed, keeping the grape in the stock well into the winter.


The pruning of the vine plant is crucial for the future growth of the grape. Through it is channelled the growth of the new shoots of the vine that will be in charge of producing the grapes of the next harvest. Only new shoots produce grapes, therefore, this process determines the amount of fruit that will appear in that year in addition to the vitality of the grapevine throughout the nearly 25-30 years that a grapevine can live.

The bagging.

During the summer comes the crucial moment of bagging. It is a totally artisan process, and main cause of the quality that reaches this typology of grape. Thanks to the virgin cellulose bags that cover the bunches, the grapes are protected, keeping it exceptionally until it reaches the consumer’s hands. This process causes the skin of the grape to remain smooth, and its pulp firm, making ripening uniform.

This makes it a unique grape, with a unique flavour and properties in the world.

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